Mini Potbelly Stoves

Miniature Potbelly Stoves

Dollhouse enthusiasts can get an authentic antique style house with the Miniature Potbelly Stoves. It gives the house an old fashioned look and a rustic feel. They will certainly appreciate what the item will bring to their house.


The key feature of the Miniature Potbelly Stove is the artist's attention to detail. People can clearly see that every stroke and line of the miniature has been cared for. The word miniature is there for a reason as it really is a replica of the actual potbelly stove.

Pros and Cons

If you want to recreate a house during the 1800s, then it's a perfect piece for you. Its great as it can give your miniature house a sense of authenticity. The downside is that it won't fit among the modern houses. It needs to be used in a specific era.

History and Uses

Pot belly stoves were used as a heat source by people in the 19th century. They were placed in stores, churches, homes and sometimes in schoolhouses. It is made up of mostly iron, and they can also be used for cooking. People used to cook stew in a pot over their potbelly stoves.

Miniature Potbelly Stoves are a must for any miniature old fashioned house. It gives the house a glow and warmth. For those who want to have a miniature home and not a house then you should really get the miniature potbelly stove.

Miniature Potbelly Stoves for Sale


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